Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is it safe and secure?

A. Customer supplies Padlock and keeps key. Sight has security lights and is police patrolled. Faciliy is on major U.S. traveled Highway.

Q. How do I pay?

A. Pay for 1st month & security deposit at time of rent, Customer recieves bill at the end of each month. Payment due 10th of each month.  We also accept the following credit cards:  MasterCard, VISA and Discover

Q. Length of Contract?

A. Month to Month or if customer chooses, can be longer with discounts.

Q. Any Discounts?

A. Six months paid in advance get 1 month free. 10 months paid in advance gets two months free.

Q. How do I cancel the agreement or give notice?

A. Written fifteen day notice.

Q. How do I contact the owner?

A. Phone 507-847-3785 or email henningrental@gmail.com

Q. What may I store?

A. Most anything. EXCEPT: Hazardous materials or a vechical with gas and battery in it.

Q. What are the sizes of the door openings on the storage building?

A. Small units are 8 foot High and 3 foot 8 inches wide. All others are 8 foot high by 8 foot and 8 inches wide.

Q. How high are the ceilings in the storage building?

A. You can stack your items from 9 foot 4 inches inside door to a height of 14 foot and 4 inches at peak of ceiling.

Q. What if I move into the building in the middle of the month?

A. Your rate will be pro-rated for the month.

Q. Is a security deposit required?

A. Yes- one month of rent in advance + security deposit of same amount which is refundable when you move out provided unit is not damaged and cleaned and rent is up to date.

Q. What size do I need?

A. Commonly -a 10ft x 20ft unit will hold a average 3 room apartment.

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