Floor Buffer

Pacific FM-17HD Floor MachinePacific FM-17HD Floor Machine Buffer/Polisher
Weight:  107 lbs.
1.5 HP Electric Motor
For Hard Floor Use.  Available attachments:
36 Grit Sand Paper (take paint off concrete etc.)
60 grit Metal Mesh Screen (removal of carpet backing etc.)
Bristle Brush (Aggressively scrub floors etc.)
Tungsten Carbide Abrasive Disk (Removes paint, epoxy, urethane, wax, tile/carpet adhesive and padding).


Nacecare Numatic 1840 15″ Floor Machine
Model:  TT516
Weight:  85 bls.
5 gallon water capacity
Available attachments:  Bristle brush attachment or polish/scrubber pads.
Floor cleaning with or without solution.
Click here for owner’s manual

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