Paint Sprayers

Graco Paint Sprayer Rental Pro 230Graco Rental Pro 230
Piston Pump style
50 ft BlueMax II Hose
Weight:  65 lbs
Max. Delivery Rating:  .54 gpm
Max. Operating Pressure:  3300 psi
Ideal Uses:  Spraying interior walls and ceilings, fences, houses, barns, decks, rental properties, and commercial buildings.
Light to Heavy Thickness Materials:  Stains, varnishes, primers, enamels, polyurethane, acrylics, oil-based paints and latex paints
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Graco CX-9 HVLP sprayer Model M70136Graco CX-9 HVLP sprayer
Model:  M70136
HVLP:  High Volume Low Pressure
No air compressor needed.

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