Wall Paper Steamer

Lectric Wallpaper SteamerLectric Wallpaper Steamer
Warner Manufacturing
Model:  5687
15 Amp, 1500 Watt
Includes:  15′ Electric Cord, 15′ Steam Hose, Small & Medium size Steam Pans
1.5 Gallon Capacity for run time up to 1.5 hours
Unit Weight:  34.5 Pounds

Wall Paper Removal, Wall Paper SteamerEarlex Wallpaper Steamer
Model:  LMB150NA SteamMaster
15 Amp, 1500 Watt
Includes:  16′ Electric Cord, 16′ Steam Hose, Small and Medium size Steam Pans
2 Gallon Capacity for run time up to 3 hours
Unit Weight:  21 Pounds
Can be used as a foot stool (Max weight:  300 lbs.)

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