• Constructed in 2005
  • Security Lighting
  • 24 Hour Access
  • Police Patrolled
  • 6 Standard Sizes to Choose From
  • Convenient Location 1/2 Mile South of Jackson on Hwy 71.


5×10 Unit

$50.00 per month

10×15 Unit

$55.00 per month

8×20 Unit

$65.00 per month

10×20 Unit

$70.00 per month

10×25 Unit

$85.00 per month

~If paid for six months in advance -7th month free.~

~If paid for 10 months in advance -two additional months free.~


Is it safe and secure?

Customer supplies Padlock and keeps key. Sight has security lights and is police patrolled. Faciliy is on major U.S. traveled Highway.

How do I pay?

Pay for 1st month & security deposit at time of rent, Customer recieves bill at the end of each month. Payment due 10th of each month.  We also accept the following credit cards:  MasterCard, VISA and Discover

Length of Contract?

Month to Month or if customer chooses, can be longer with discounts.

Any Discounts?

Six months paid in advance get 1 month free. 10 months paid in advance gets two months free.

How do I cancel the agreement or give notice?

Written fifteen day notice.

How do I contact the owner?

Phone 507-847-3785 or email henningrental@gmail.com

What may I store?

Most anything. EXCEPT: Hazardous materials or a vechical with gas and battery in it.

What are the sizes of the door openings on the storage building?

Small units are 8 foot High and 3 foot 8 inches wide. All others are 8 foot high by 8 foot and 8 inches wide.

How high are the ceilings in the storage building?

You can stack your items from 9 foot 4 inches inside door to a height of 14 foot and 4 inches at peak of ceiling.

What if I move into the building in the middle of the month?

Your rate will be pro-rated for the month.

What size do I need?

Commonly -a 10ft x 20ft unit will hold a average 3 room apartment.

Is a security deposit required?

Yes- one month of rent in advance + security deposit of same amount which is refundable when you move out provided unit is not damaged and cleaned and rent is up to date.